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Thank you for visiting our new website.  We are undergoing many changes in order to assist our customers needs.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Feel free to bookmark our site for easy access when you need our services. 


We are located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area of Florida. 




Email: HeritageMovers@msn.com

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Moving your household or office does not have to be the stressful or expensive experience you imagine.  Many people hear horror stories of moves gone wrong, bad service, unethical business practices, etc.  It is true.  These things have happened.  These are the reasons why we are in business.  We wanted to use our 20+ years of experience in the moving industry to create a moving company that doesn't play those games.  We offer professional movers, guaranteed prices, reliable service and ethical business practices!  We strive to become your movers for life.  In these economic times, our business has sustained itself with repeat business made possible by our consistent commitment to offer the highest quality service you will find in the moving industry.  Our customers who keep coming back and referring their friends, family and co-workers, have allowed us to be here today.  We hope you will join our ever growing family of satisfied customers.



We are fully licensed and insured.  We are registered with the Department of Agriculture as a Florida Movers, Reg. No. IM1144 as required by Florida Law.



We base our prices on the actual inventory you need to have moved.  We will take into consideration the distance involved, flights of stairs, extra stops and special circumstances when pricing your move.  These prices are guaranteed based on the information you provide to us at the time of the quote.  When we price your boxes we are assuming that you have packed the boxes yourself.  If you require assistance with packing service, this is an additional charge.  Please see our "Services" section.



WE DO NOT SUBCONTRACT OUR JOBS OUT!  We cannot stress this enough.   We only use our own movers that have been hand selected and trained by the owner of the company.  No one will be put on a job that is not qualified to be there.  We are accountable and responsible. 



We use our own 24' boxtrucks.  We do NOT pull trailers.  Everything that goes on our trucks get padded!



We will shrinkwrap anything that requires additional protection during the move at no additional charge.  We are extra careful not to damage your property, doorways, stairs, walls, railings, etc.  It doesn't take much effort to be aware of our surroundings on your job.  There is no excuse for unnecessary damage.  We just don't do it.  Our pristine record can be attributed to this care.



We do not charge a fee for normal disassembly or reassembly.  We generally disassemble and reassemble headboards, footboards, mirrors from dressers, hutches from desks, china cabinets, entertainment centers, etc.  We do charge a small fee for disassembly or reassembly of waterbeds, bridgebeds, pierbeds, bunkbeds, swing sets, complicated multi-unit desks, cubicles, etc.  If in doubt, please ask.



We do not move grand pianos, baby grand pianos or digital pianos.  We WILL move an upright or spinet piano but we will NOT move it up or down a flight of stairs.



We will transport regulation sized pool table parts only.  We will not disassemble or reassemble them.